Cafe Manager and Screen Shield

Cafe Manager for Internet Cafes is a software which will help you to manage any supervised place that provides public access to computers. This can be a cyber cafe, Internet bar or club, PC gaming center or schools and libraries etc. Generally speaking our software is designed to be used at any place where people are allowed to use PC for a payment or for free.

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Free to try and free to use

Our cyber cafe software if free to use with up to 3 client computers. If you need to manage more than 3 we offer various licenses, including subscription and life-time based licenses. PayPal payments supported

€70 a year for unlimited clients
or from €25 for 5 clients with once off payment.

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Latest versions

Cafe Manager version 4.1 and Screen Shield version 4.0 are now available to download.

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Older versions

Cafe Manager 3.8 and Screen Shield 2.5 programs are discontinued and now free to use without limitations. We do not store download links and do not provide support for legacy software.