Cafe Manager

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Cafe Manager

Cafe Manager © and remote security agent Screen Shield © will help you to make your business even more efficient. Timing and billing are made easy. Software can be customized for business environment in your internet shop.

Create different billing rates for different categories of customers. Keep track on how much money and time members spent at your shop by viewing different reports.

Use Time Codes system to sell time to customers. By using purchased codes customers can login / logout from the PC themselves.

Cafe Manager Pro will calculate charges for customers based on different billing schemes created by you. It can also control access to the client computers in order to avoid unauthorized use of the systems.

Great advantage of our internet shop management software is that it does not need to be installed on your network server. We recommend to install Cafe Manager on a separete Windows based PC. Your network server can have any type of Operating System: Unix, Linux, Mac and etc.

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Screen Shield

Screen Shield a client-side software to use in Internet cafe and it is designed to work with Cafe Manager program.
Screen Shield is very easy to use and it has simple, wizard driven configuration interface.
The program will help you to restrict unauthorized access to the computers in your cafe. Screen Shield's main tasks are to Lock/Unlock and Shutdown/Restart the system automatically by a signal form Cafe Manager or manually by authorized personal.

Program also has an in-built Windows Killer. This can be useful if you want to close open windows left by customers when Screen Shield locks the system.

Extend functionality of Screen Shield by adding your own programs or batch files. At pre-defined actions (e.g. Before Unlock) Screen Shield will execute your application.

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