Cafe Manager

Installation and configuration:

I have Cafe Manager version 3.6.x. How can I upgrade to Cafe Manager 4?

- Unfortunately there is no free upgrade from older versions of Café Manager 3.x.x We had to rewrite from ground up all packages to work on latest versions of Windows OS. There is cost to this upgrade.
If you had license with unlimited client numbers – please select subscription option at the order page

Do you support thin clients, laptop customers or game consoles?

- You can use Cafe Manager to monitor time and produce charges for anything: renting thin clients, laptop connection, pool table or gaming console. In this case Cafe Manager works as a comprehensive stop-watch charge-calculator.
If you do not install Screen Shield on client systems (thin clients, customers laptops, games consoles) then Cafe Manager can only track time and produce charges for those clients. 
When Screen Shield installed on the clients then you can Lock, Unlock, Restart, Shutdown those system by the signal from Cafe Manager. Screen Shield can only be installed on Windows based systems and can be operated by IP Address connection modes.

Do you support wireless communication?

- To effectively manage customers access to computers we recommend to install Screen Shield (our free client-side software). In this case Cafe Manager can automatically lock/unlock client PCs. If you have wireless network with your own client computers - then CafeManager and Screen Shield work exactly the same way as in wired network. Cafe Manager will track time, produce charge and unlock client system when customer ready to start and lock when time is up. Just install Screen Shield on your client computers and configure Cafe Manager to connect to clients IP address
In case of wireless network with access points only (i.e. customers use their own computers, laptops) you cannot use (install) Screen Shield. In this situation Cafe Manager can be used only to track time and produce charges. Cafe Manager will not be able to lock/unlock client PCs. It is assumed that customer will notify member of staff before connecting to the network.
This situation is similar to that with gaming consoles. Screen Shield cannot be installed on XBox or PlayStation.

Can Cafe Manager be configured to work with a cash register?

- No. Cafe Manager does not have an interface for any sort of hardware devices.

Can I use any currency in the Cafe Manager?

- Yes. In Cafe Manager you can use a currency different from Windows default currency. You can enter any currency sign in Tools> CM Configuration menu. Program will use that symbol.

Do I have to install Cafe Manager on my Network Server?

- No. You can install Cafe Manager on a separate PC and if you are not using Shield this PC doesn't have to be connected to the network at all. Basically Cafe Manager would be installed on PC at your reception or cash-desk. Simple scheme of Cafe Manager installation could be found here.
If you want to use Shield, you have to make sure at least one is true:
1. You have a static IP addresses for every client PC. If you do not have a server and use only a router, please check with device manual, can you have a static IP address.
2. You can map a network drive to the every client PC from the system where Cafe Manager is installed.

Is it possible to reinstall Cafe Manager on a different PC and use same License Key?

No. License Key is unique for the system where Cafe Manager is installed.

When you purchase subscription license you can have up to 3 installations. In order enable additional installations please send us email after the purchase with serial numbers of Cafe Manager installation.

What if I need to reinstall Cafe Manager on the same system?

If you need to preserve your settings and reports please select option to keep existing settings during Un-install or Install. We would recommend regularly back up Café Manager folder in ProgramData directory

- For registered users:
When you reinstall Cafe Manager on the same system and choose to remove all settings it will revert back to demo mode. It this case, select to download License Key when you start Cafe Manager.

If I install Cafe Manager on a server can it connect to the Internet and monitor Internet activity of customers?

- No. Cafe Manager does not have any interaction with network server and it does not performs any of the server or proxy tasks.

What if my system got corrupt and I would need to re-install whole operating system?

Please make regular back-ups of Cafe Manager folder in ProgramData folder. In this case you can simply restore back up of Cafe Manager folder after you re-install Cafe Manager program.

For registered users:
Cafe Manager most likely will produce same Serial Number. In this case you can simply download your original license key and registration details will be restored. If serial number is different pease contact Technical support with details about your registration and the new Serial Number. After details are validated new License Key will generated and you can download it.

What is the maximum number of computers I can use in Cafe Manager?

- In free version of the program maximum number is 3

- With subscription based licnese you can use any number you like.
In Cafe Manager go to Tools>CM Configuration menu, select General tab and simply type in number of PC in a space provided. Click Apply.
There is only one limitation based on your machine configuration and Operating System resources. Depending on OS resources and amount of background programs running, you may have problems loading and managing large number of PC-Panels.

- With permanent license number of client PCs is fixed in accordance with the license.

I configured Cafe Manager and Screen Shield but I cannot unlock client PC from Cafe Manager?

- First, please make sure you have allowed Cafe Manager and Screen Shield to access network. Firewall maybe still blocking Café Manager or Screen Shield. Most of the time when you start Café Manager or Screen Shield program Windows Firewall will detect attempt to access network and will show you a message where you can allow network access. You can also check for allowed programs if you directly open Windows firewall. Inbound rules should have green tick for Cafe Manager on PC where you have Cafe Manager. On client PC you should see green tick for ScreenShield.

- Second, please check that you have configured same connection mode in Café Manager and Screen Shield. Programs can work in Static or in Dynamic IP mode.

- If you are still having issues – please make sure you can ping IP address of client PC from Cafe Manager PC. This is quite obvious but sometimes overlooked. Cafe Manager PC also needs access to same area network where client PCs are.