Cafe Manager

Purchase Cafe Manager license

Cafe Manager for Internet Cafes free use is only limited to management of 3 client computers. You can use program for any period of time for evaluation or your business needs. If however, you need to manage more than 3 clients you will need to buy Cafe Manager license.

We offer convertable subscription and permanent licenses.

Subscription license is less than 30 cents a day can be used with any number of client computers.

Subscription license can be converted to a permanent license after 2 full years of the subscription payments. See conversion examples. After 2 years of subscription you can opt to get a permanent 5 clients license and stop the subscription payments.
If you decide to continue subscription, each additional year will add another 5 clients to your permanent license.
Here is the example:
After 2 years of subscription you can convert to 5 clients permanent license.
After 3 years you can convert to 10 clients permanent license.
After 4 years you can convert to 15 clients permanent license.
After 5 years you can convert to 20 clients permanent license and so on.

Permanent license can be used with fixed number of client computers. You will select number of clients during purchase.

Cafe Manager™  is licensed for commercial use. Commercial use requires that the licensed quantity be equal to the number of workstations that use the Cafe Manager™  program. Generally you would need one Cafe Manager program per cafe.
As a registered customer you will be entitled to any updates for the program free of charge. View full license agreement »

Please note: physical box will not be shipped. Software available as a download package only

At the moment we only accept payments with PayPal. You can choose to pay by credit cards or use your Pay Pal account. You can select to pay in major currencies Euro, US, Canadian and Australian Dollars, UK Sterling, Japanese Yen by a current exchange rate.

Please have Cafe Manager 8 digits Serial Number ready.

You can see this number after you install the program on Registration window or in Help/About menu.  see example...

You will be redirected to the secure on-line server where you can place an order. Order processing service is provided by PayPal. PayPal or may appear on your credit card statement.


Cafe Manager convertable subscribtion license - from 30 cents a day

Recuring subscribtion with unlimited client license. Payment will be automatically taken from your prefered account via PayPal. Please enter 8 digits serial number, desired registration name and select subscription option.

€10.00 monthly

Serial number
Desired registration name

€28.00 quaterly

Serial number
Desired registration name

€100.00 yeary

Serial number
Desired registration name

Cafe Manager permanent license

Once off payment for pre-set number of clients. Please enter 8 digits serial number, desired registration name and select number of clients license option. If you need to increase number of clients for existing license please select upgrade options. There is no downgrade.

Select number of clients
Serial number
Desired registration name

Select number to upgrade
Serial Number of existing license